Friday, November 11, 2016

Keep Calm & Compost

With all the bad news this week (I think we all know what I’m referring to) it’s nice to take solace in the simple things, like fresh air, nutritious food, and getting dirty! I am scared of what the future will bring, or take away, but I’m trying to approach these anxieties in a Zen-like manner; this is my mantra: the only moment is the one I’m in, and the most I can do is what I can do with my two hands, right now… which is why it’s time to compost!

I know I’ve said it before, but being out in the brisk fall air is so invigorating! My worries seem to fall like the yellowed leaves and blow away with the wind. Even though the weather is getting chilly here in Northern NY, the scenery only becomes more splendid! Last night the wind whipped up a fresh batch of falling leaves, which continued to rain down all throughout the next day. What a treat to be surrounded in a sea of gold and amber as I helped give life back to the earth.

My new compost bin arrived yesterday, so today I transferred all of my “in-progress” compost to the new bin. It wasn’t easy. Turns out, compost is pretty heavy. But I’ve been doing lots of yoga and I’m feeling strong these days, so with some muscle behind me I was able to successfully shovel every last bit, and add last week’s “goodies” to the mixture.

As far as the new bin goes, it is pretty basic, but seems like the right “man” for the job -unlike our new *cough* president. Sorry, that’s it, no more politics today.

The frame is constructed from wire, so I’m guessing it'll provide more than enough oxygen. There's no bottom, which is good because allowing the earth to do its thing will help facilitate decomposition by way of adding helpful little organisms. As you can see, it’s not much to look at, but neither is the back of my house right now :(  My only worry is that an animal might be able to "break in", as the construction is somewhat flimsy. But with winter coming quickly, this is not one of my top concerns. All in all, seems like a good fit.

If you haven’t already started composting, what are you waiting for?! If you have a yard, or some other outdoor space available, I would recommend beginning with this bin. It’s cheap, easy to assemble, and is large enough for small-scale/personal composting, without being obtrusive. I’ve included the link to purchase from Amazon here: Single-Bin-Wire-Composter

If all this hasn’t convinced you, just think how great you’ll feel when you stop obsessing over politics and start seeing little slimy earthworms taking up residence in your compost! I found several today digging through the fluffy black soil and I couldn’t be more thrilled! It means the earth is alive and so am I, and right now, that’s enough.

So far I'm adjusting well to rural living and I love being so close to Mother Nature, but I am missing all the amazing cuisine available in a big city. So I’m headed to Toronto on Saturday to taste what I've been missing! Some amazing Asian food I hope! I’ll be touring, trying and taking some lovely photos of the delectable restaurant scene in Canada’s largest and most diverse city! And you can share the experience with me right here, in my next post :)

Until then, try not to fret about the election or anything else. Keep calm and keep composting!

      Bonzo knows all about keeping calm!------->